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National Officers
President:          Morris Harvey
Vice President:     Nelson Cauble
Secretary:   Charles A. Mills
Treasurer:             George Salovich

Regional Vice Presidents
Central Region
J.B. "Burt" Young
  Mo Valley Chapter

Dixie Region
Jules Burg
  Mississippi Gulf Coast Chapter

Great Lakes Region

Tri-State Region
C.E. "Bert" Hinds
  Ohio Valley Chapter

Gulf Region
Jack Grothe
  S.S. Samual Parker Chapter

Mid Atlantic Region
George Goldman
  Dennis A. Roland Chapter

Northeast Region

Northwest Region
Bill Marker
  Oregon Chapter

Southeast Region
Joe Colon
  Gulfstream Chapter

Southwest Region
Rex Farley
  Desert Mariners Chapter

Valley Forge Region
George Bathie
  Keystone Mariners Chapter

West Region
William "Bill" Cantua
  Jeremiah O'Brien Chapter


Lawrence W. Kerkow, Ph.D.


Sindy Raymond
    Humboldt Bay Chapter

John Forsberg
    Desert Mariners Chapter
Rex Farley
    Desert Mariners Chapter

Toni Horodysky
    Emerald Sea Chapter

Arthur Card
    Ocala Chapter

Morris Harvey
    Ocala Chapter
Sindy Raymond
Humboldt Bay Chapter
Carole Gutierrez
    Oregon Chapter

Morris Harvey
    Ocala Chapter 
A.J. Wichita
    SS Stephen Hopkins Chapter
Nelson Cauble
    Southern Oregon Chapter

Herman "Gerry" Starnes
Perry Adams
    Silicon Valley Chapter
Connie Heffren
    St. John's River Chapter
Charles Mills
    Lone Star Chapter

Lawrence W. Kerkow, Ph.D.

John McSpadden
    SS Stephen Hopkins Chapter
Burt Young
   Missouri Valley Chapter

Mary Hodges
    Southwest Florida Chapter
Arthur Witt
    SouthwesT Florida Chapter
Harry Brown, Jr.
    Southwest Florida Chapter

C. E. "Bert" Hinds
    Ohio Valley Chapter
Peggy Van Gemert
    Sarasota Manatee Chapter

Carole Gutierrez
    Oregon Chapter

A. J. Wichita
    SS Stephen Hopkins Chapter
    President Emeritus

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2012 Convention June 4-7

The 26th National Convention and Reunion will be held at the Maritime Institute of Technology Convention Center just outside Baltimore, Maryland. The Conference Center includes hotel accommodations so everything is in one convenient location. PLUS, we won't have to explain what or who AMMV is. that will be different!

No Chapter stepped up to oversee this
convention so folks on the national level are taking responsibility for planning. A.J. Wichita, president emeritus, Morris Harvey, national president, and Nelson Cauble, national vice president make up the central committee. Sindy Raymond, Humboldt Chapter, national magazine editor and national office administrator will be handling convention registration. Nelson and Shirley Cauble, Southern Oregon Chapter, have agreed to handle Memory Book publicity and sales while Carole Gutierrez, Oregon Chapter and Communications Director and Webmaster, is once again handling book production.
A tour to the National Mall is planned and there is discussion about using this opportunity to raise awareness about Merchant Mariners who served in World War II and the Just Compensation we seek.
More details can be found on the 2012 Convention page, including the registration form, hotel information and Memory Book ad order form. 

U.S. Department of Transportation Honors Service of Merchant Mariners on 9/11

The heroism of merchant mariners who evacuated hundreds of thousands of people from Lower Manhattan after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks is featured in a new video released today by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration. “Rescue at Water’s Edge,” includes interviews with vessel operators, emergency responders and passengers.
“The story of merchant mariners coming to the aid of those in need on September 11, 2001 is an inspiring one,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “On that terrible day, our nation’s seafarers, with courage and selflessness, transported hundreds of thousands of people out of harm’s way to safety.”
More than 300,000 people were evacuated by water from lower Manhattan after the terrorist attacks in the largest unplanned water evacuation in the history of the United States.
“The men and women of the New York and New Jersey merchant maritime community provided a beacon of light on one of the darkest days in our country’s history. They were among the heroes running toward danger and exemplify what it means to be a U.S. merchant mariner,” said U.S. Maritime Administrator David Matsuda.
Click the arrow below and enjoy this video.

Members of the U.S Merchant Marine share how they helped evacuate people from lower Manhattan and  brought supplies and first responders back to the World Trade Center site. More than 300,000 people were evacuated by water on 9/11 - the largest unplanned water evacuation in the history of  the United States.

'Tis a rousing ballad about the
Merchant Marine in World War II.
The group is Canadian and
well worth the listen.
Click the arrow and Enjoy!

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